A skatepark or skate-plaza is visually appealing and improves the landscaping and style of the surrounding area.

A skate facility always results in a happier, friendly and more vibrant society or community amoung the residents of apartments and other such gated communities.

The growing supply of roller equipment and popularity in india and all over the world.

There is no shortage of wheeled products in india with big brands like decathlon and other mnc’s already having setup huge outlets all over India, selling millions of these handlebar push scooters, inline skates, skateboards etc, but just a hand full of skate facilities spread across India, which results in kids taking to parking areas and unsafe roads, a skate facility will be a safe area for kids to ride.

It is common knowledge that a skate facility has always helped in creating a positive and diverse community while promoting exercise and good health, helping restless “sugar charged” children channel the energy into something positive and creative through artistic expression which leads to a better appreciation of the surroundings.

Skateboarding and bmx  both are already olympic sports.

Upto now these activities where predominantly subject to kids playing it in video games but now its time for them to experience the real thing in India.


We have vast experience of skatepark design, research, construction and actual use of skateparks in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, South America and other parts of the world.

Our focus is on the uniqueness, originality and aesthetic feel.

Pride and passion in our design and construction, merging the surrounding topography with long lasting durable concrete art.

MOSTLY, because beside building the skateparks we also ride on them, giving us the first hand knowledge and understanding of what is required.